Monday, January 06, 2014

Best Playboy Covers

Kate Moss turns 40 very soon, Is there a best way to commemorate such a significant anniversary than appearing naked on male magazine Playboy?. This is what seems Kate Moss has thought as she is doing so. Some pictures have already surfaced, we can see them and the best Playboy Covers ever.

           Kate Moss for Playboy

                   Kate Moss Playboy Cover

Pamela Anderson Playboy Cover

              Pamela Anderson Playboy
Charlize Theron for Playboy.
                 Charlize Theron Playboy
Sharon Stone Playboy cover.
                Sharon Stone Playboy

Marilyn Monroe Playboy Cover
                  Marilyn Monroe Playboy
Naomi Campbell Playboy Cover
                  Naomi Campbell Playboy
Madonna Playboy Cover
                Madonna Playboy
Cindy Crawford Playboy Cover
                     Cindy Crawford Playboy
Bo Derek Playboy Cover
                     Bo Derek Playboy
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